Alternative Natural Greenspace (SANG)

Pegasus Limited are looking for an investment partner for their Suitable Alternative Natural Greenspace (SANG) site at Guildford with planning permission and sales already lined up. The project was started in 2010 with planning permission granted in October 2017. The SANG is virtually complete and will generate revenue from November 2020.

This is an opportunity very different to most land and property transactions, the site will have no houses on it, but it will facilitate the building of 1,835 homes around it. The site sits within the Thames Basin Heath Special Protection Area (TBH SPA) one of the most protected sites in the UK. In order to build new houses and increase the population in the TBH SPA you must pay SANG Tariffs to an approved SANG of which this is. To build new homes within the TBH SPA developers must have SANG identified within their planning application. Simply put no SANG – no planning permission.

Capital protected with projected return on investment of 78% over 2-3 years.


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